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About Us

What is the Heart Bridge Project?

We are a Christian faith based movement bridging the gap between our great nation, and those less fortunate. We have spearheaded missionary work in Uganda, and The Gambia for the past two years, and are looking to expand. We have sponsored orphan ministries, and currently feed 50 plus children who would otherwise only eat two, to three meals A WEEK! Jesus wouldn't pass these children by, neither shall we!

The New orphanage/School

We call it Sarah's House after the Caretaker's late wife. This house will be the only stability these children know, and more arrive from different areas all the time. After two years of being the sole sponser in this area, we've decided to open it up for others to sow into this ministry with us. But, Sarah's house is just the starting point of the big picture!

It's about the Kids!

By being a blessing you will be blessed. We pledge to keep you informed as much as possible in the goings on with our ministry. Every single penny goes to the cause, and the results are 100% seen in REAL time. You buy a brick, the brick gets laid, and so on. We actually keep it that small, and simple. Our goal is to spread through East Africa bringing Hope, and the word of God. 

Support Teirs

All names engraved, painted, printed, or otherwise affixed shall in no way offend nor appeal contrary to our biblical standards. We here at Heart Bridge Project hold true to our Christian beliefs, and shall honor our God in all that we do. Amen.

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Heart Board

Just a permanent way we can thank the permanent way you've blessed our cause!

Pastors Chris & Tammie Myles, Rev. Pat Norris & Family, India Smith, Wilson Family, Pastor Moses Mutongole, Wendy Myles & family, William Lyttle,

Love Offering

 Whatever your heart leads you to give, we are so eternally grateful, and we pray that God blesses you beyond calculations in return.

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Heart Bridge Project

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